Orthodontic Education

Today’s dental professionals are looking to:

  • Expand patient base
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve standard of care for patients

Straight Wire Seminars specifically designs courses to provide the General Dentist and/or Pedodontist with the orthodontic skills necessary to identify and treat malocclusions. This allows the doctor to easily incorporate orthodontic treatment into a busy dental practice. Investing in an Orthodontic course will allow you to determine which cases to refer to a specialist, and which cases to treat. This will unlock a new revenue stream for your practice because you will now be able to offer additional treatment to your existing patient-base.

Proper understanding of the serious impact that a malocclusion can have on the aesthetics of the face, as well as the physiology, psychology, and overall happiness of a patient, are the first steps to achieving total dental health.

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