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Straight Wire Seminars offer extended studies in orthodontics, providing you with the opportunity to expand your practice and unlock your potential as a full service general practitioner.

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Each of our instructors has a variety of specialized courses for every level:


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While attending orthodontic continuing education courses, you will benefit greatly from the wisdom of our experienced Straight Wire Seminars course instructors, many of whom have been published for their contribution to the advancement of orthodontic treatment, and visionary clinical cases. The constant evolution of the industry is followed closely by our instructors who will provide the most current techniques, instruments, and practical approaches to orthodontics. In addition, the lecturing doctors will prepare you so that you will be able to incorporate your newly acquired skills and training into all aspects of your practice. Furthermore, the instruction and experience gained from continued education will allow you to provide comprehensive dental care to your patients and amplify your treatment success.


Straight Wire Seminars provides continuing education credit hours in conjunction with HENRY SCHEIN DENTAL SPECIALTIES GROUP.

Henry Schein Dental Specialty Group is a recognized provider of both ADA CERP and AGD PACE continuing education credits