Orthodontic Seminars & Orthodontic Education

Discover the wealth of knowledge Straight Wire Seminars Orthodontic Courses have to offer you and your practice at our orthodontic training facility. Participating in continued education will show you how to incorporate the foundation of dentistry into orthodontic diagnosis and treatment, resulting in a financially rewarding and successful practice.

Orthodontic Education
Straight Wire Seminars™, the leading provider of continuing orthodontic education programs, offers a wide array of courses to help expand your skills, and your practice. For 30 years Straight Wire Seminars has provided unparalleled orthodontic education for the general practitioner, the orthodontic specialist and office assistants/staff. Educating and training yourself and your team can help increase the standard of care provided to your patients and allow you to offer more services to your existing clients. These additional services will also help increase the revenue stream of your practice. Through hands-on demonstrations and lecture, many subjects such as case selection, diagnosis, treatment planning and mechanics, contemporary orthodontic techniques and the importance of early treatment are taught.

30th Anniversary Promotion
Straight Wire Seminars is proud to offer a curriculum taught by internationally renowned speakers, many of whom have been published for their advancement of orthodontic treatment and visionary clinical cases. These thought leaders will assist you in realizing your potential as a premier practitioner and help you realize new revenue streams through utilizing the modern tools of orthodontics. Learn more about us.